Demarcus Semer

Semer reportedly hit an officer with his car while trying to flee a traffic stop. Police said a second officer was partially trapped in Semer’s... Read More
April 2016

Demetrius Dorsey

Dorsey was shot by police following a standoff after allegedly taking two gas station employees hostage at gunpoint. Officers had arrived in response to an... Read More
April 2016

Quron Williams

Williams was allegedly robbing someone at gunpoint when an off-duty officer identified himself as police and told him to drop his weapon. Police said Williams... Read More
April 2016

Kimani Johnson

Police said they shot and killed Johnson and his father, Matthew Wood Jr, while the two were aiming their guns across a street. The officers... Read More
March 2016

Jermon Seals

Seals, along with two other men, was suspected in a number of armed robberies. Seals was shot as he exited a pharmacy the group had... Read More
March 2016

Thurman Reynolds

Police said they were investigating a break-in at a home where they also found a stolen vehicle. When Reynolds left the home he reportedly began... Read More
March 2016

Marco Loud

Authorities said Loud was shot dead during a fight in a pharmacy parking lot with an off-duty deputy working a security job. Loud was allegedly... Read More
March 2016