Joshua Beebee

Beebee allegedly charged toward an officer while brandishing a knife as the officer got out of his car. Police were responding to calls complaining that... Read More
May 2016

Jessica Williams

Williams was sitting in a car that police believed was stolen and tried to drive away when officers approached her. Police said she crashed into... Read More
May 2016

Arthur DaRosa

DaRosa was fatally shot by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy at a restaurant in a shopping mall as he carried out a stabbing spree, according to... Read More
May 2016

Jaffort Smith

Smith shot and injured a woman and then fired at responding officers, who shot back and killed him, authorities said.
May 2016

Deresha Armstrong

Armstrong, a suspect in a residential burglary, was shot by police when they saw her confront another homeowner with a gun, authorities said.
May 2016

Charlin Charles

Charles was walking up and down a street holding a firearm, according to authorities. When officers arrived, the man reportedly refused to drop the gun... Read More
May 2016

Willie Tillman

Tillman was shot after jumping back into his car during a traffic stop and trying to drive away. Police said he was stopped because his... Read More
April 2016