Under 18

Devon Martes

Devon was killed by a deputy in a newspaper warehouse after he pointed his gun at the deputy, according to police. Authorities said they were... Read More
July 2016

Pierre Loury

Police said that when they stopped a car believed to be connected to an earlier shooting, Pierre got out and ran away. During the pursuit,... Read More
April 2016

Robert Dentmond

Police said Robert called 911 and told a dispatcher that he was armed and suicidal. Officers shot Robert when he began walking toward an appartment... Read More
March 2016

David Joseph

David, who was naked, was ‘behaving aggressively’, according to authorities, and was fatally shot when he charged at an officer. The officer was fired in... Read More
February 2016

Justus Howell

Justus was chased by two officers and shot twice in the back. Police said he was carrying a handgun, but this has been disputed by... Read More
April 2015

Kendre Alston

Kendre’s stolen vehicle crashed during a chase with police from a cemetery and he and another man fled the scene, according to authorities. Kendre was... Read More
March 2015

A’donte Washington

Officers were investigating a burglary when they encountered A’donte and three other people. A’donte allegedly brandished a gun at police, prompting an officer to shoot.
February 2015