Armed with Firearm

Donte Johnson

Johnson was allegedly trying to rob a gas station at gunpoint and was killed when he pointed his gun at responding officers, authorities said.
June 2016

Ismael Miranda

Miranda allegedly fired at plainclothes officers who were walking towards him on the street. Authorities have not released any further details.
June 2016

Angelo Brown

Brown allegedly hid from and then shot at police officers responding to calls that he was drunk with a firearm.
June 2016

Jay Anderson

An officer investigating a suspicious vehicle in a park shot Anderson, who was sitting inside, when he saw him with a gun. Authorities did not... Read More
June 2016

Quencezola Splunge

Splunge attempted to apply for a driver’s license at a DMV where the clerk alerted officers about outstanding warrants for Splunge’s arrest. Splunge led police... Read More
June 2016

Rashaun Lloyd

Officers shot and killed Lloyd after he reportedly pointed a gun at them. Police were in the area responding to a report of shots fired,... Read More
June 2016

Michael Moore

Officers were conducting a traffic stop on the vehicle Moore was driving when they say he reached for a gun in his waistband. Several witnesses... Read More
June 2016

John Williams

Williams allegedly shot his wife in the arm before leading police on a chase and firing at officers several times. One deputy returned fire, killing... Read More
June 2016

Keith Bursey

Bursey was shot by police during a scuffle in the street, according to authorities. He had stepped out of a car armed with a gun... Read More
June 2016