Killed by Taser

Richard Davis

Davis collapsed after being shocked with a Taser. Police said he charged towards officers from his pickup truck with fists clenched after being told to... Read More
May 2015

Norman Cooper

Cooper became unresponsive after he was tasered by two officers responding to a domestic disturbance. Police said he removed the prongs of the first Taser... Read More
April 2015

Darrell Brown

Brown was shocked with a Taser after continuing to be aggressive to officers responding to a complaint that he had kicked down the door to... Read More
April 2015

Askari Roberts

Roberts was shocked with a Taser as police attempted to handcuff him during a struggle. He became unresponsive soon after. A medical examiner ruled his... Read More
March 2015

Terrance Moxley

Moxley died of a sudden cardiac arrest after officers shocked him in the chest with a Taser multiple times. Officers were trying to detain him... Read More
March 2015

Terry Price

Price fled from a casino from which he was barred pursued by officers. Price allegedly began to fight when they caught up to him and... Read More
February 2015