Marese Collins

Collins allegedly threatened several people. Police shot him after a brief chase when he refused to drop the gun he was holding, according to authorities.
February 2016

Antronie Scott

Officers were pursuing Scott because he was wanted on two felony warrants, police said. An officer approached Scott and killed him when he turned around... Read More
February 2016

Peter John

John ran from an officer when the officer tried to stop him and began fighting after a brief chase, according to authorities. The officer shot... Read More
February 2016

Charles Smith

Smith invaded a home at gunpoint and fired at responding officers, according to authorities. Police said they shot back, killing him.
January 2016

Bruce Kelley Jr

Police shot Kelley after he fatally stabbed a police dog, according to authorities. Kelley and his father were drinking alcohol in a public gazebo when... Read More
January 2016

Christopher Dew

Dew allegedly robbed a cash loan store before taking an employee hostage at gunpoint. Police shot him as he tried to force the hostage inside... Read More
January 2016

Janet Wilson

Wilson was allegedly causing a disturbance in the parking lot of a mall. After a brief chase, police shot her when she tried to flee... Read More
January 2016

Cedric Norris

Norris fatally shot one bank employee and injured another while robbing a bank, authorities said. Norris then took a customer hostage and led police on... Read More
January 2016