Jason Brooks

Brooks was reportedly naked and acting erratically while armed with multiple guns. He was firing into a street before he pointed his gun at responding... Read More
July 2016

Donte Johnson

Johnson was allegedly trying to rob a gas station at gunpoint and was killed when he pointed his gun at responding officers, authorities said.
June 2016

Angelo Brown

Brown allegedly hid from and then shot at police officers responding to calls that he was drunk with a firearm.
June 2016

Devonte Gates

Gates was wanted in connection with two homicides, according to authorities. Police said he was shot and killed after a foot chase.
May 2016

Pierre Loury

Police said that when they stopped a car believed to be connected to an earlier shooting, Pierre got out and ran away. During the pursuit,... Read More
April 2016

Thurman Reynolds

Police said they were investigating a break-in at a home where they also found a stolen vehicle. When Reynolds left the home he reportedly began... Read More
March 2016

Lamar Harris

Harris allegedly began shooting at officers who were conducting a drug investigation. Police said Harris shot and wounded three officers, and one shot back and... Read More
March 2016

Charles Smith

Smith invaded a home at gunpoint and fired at responding officers, according to authorities. Police said they shot back, killing him.
January 2016

Ronell Wade

Wade, a suspect in a series of dollar store robberies, is alleged to have opened fire on a police officer when confronted in a church... Read More
May 2015

Jeffery Kemp

Police chased a van they saw speeding away after shots were fired. Kemp allegedly jumped from the vehicle with a gun and refused to put... Read More
April 2015