Jeffrey Tyson

Police said Tyson shot at police during a lengthy car chase, injuring at least one officer. The chase began after officers stopped Tyson’s car because... Read More
July 2016

Kevin Hicks

Hicks was shot by an officer during a physical struggle at a gas station, according to authorities. The officer was responding to a call from... Read More
April 2016

Cameron Glover

Police said Glover and a second man were carrying out an armed robbery of a McDonald’s restaurant. Officers were called and confronted the men. Glover... Read More
April 2016

Mack Long

Long ran from his car after being stopped while illegally carrying his wife’s handgun. Police said he was first shot as his gun turned towards... Read More
April 2015

Don Smith

Smith was a suspect in a robbery and kidnapping, and led police on a chase before officers disabled his vehicle. Smith then allegedly pointed his... Read More
April 2015

Donte Sowell

Sowell allegedly ran from officers and opened fire with a gun after being stopped by police for an open warrant on a drugs charge. He... Read More
January 2015