Devon Martes

Devon was killed by a deputy in a newspaper warehouse after he pointed his gun at the deputy, according to police. Authorities said they were... Read More
July 2016

Eric Senegal

Officers killed Senegal, who was reportedly armed, while executing a search warrant at a home, police said. A dog was also shot dead by officers.
July 2016

Gavin Long

Long shot and killed three police officers and injured three more in what authorities have described as an ambush. The incident began with a report... Read More
July 2016

Alton Sterling

An officer shot and killed Sterling after ‘some type of altercation’ outside a convenience store, according to authorities. Police said they were responding to a... Read More
July 2016

Tyrone Reado

Authorities were responding to a reported domestic disturbance at a home when Reado allegedly opened the door, closed it, and opened it again with a... Read More
June 2016

Travis Stevenson

Stevenson allegedly attacked his girlfriend and her child with pepper spray and said he was going to kill himself by jumping off a bridge. Authorities... Read More
February 2016

Calvin Smith

Smith allegedly shot and wounded two officers at the end of a car chase. The officers shot back at Smith, killing him, according to police.... Read More
February 2016

Eric Harris

Deputies shot Harris at the end of a pursuit after he crashed his car, authorities said. The local sheriff said the deputies began shooting when... Read More
February 2016

Timothy Albert

Deputies killed Albert at the end of a four-hour standoff after they came inside the home and he pointed a gun at them, according to... Read More
January 2016

Jared Johnson

Johnson was one of three suspected armed robbers engaged by police at a Dollar General store after an alarm was triggered. Police said they were... Read More
April 2015