New York

Gary Porter

Porter, who was allegedly armed with a gun, was shot and killed in a chaotic exchange of gunfire during an outdoor party. Witnesses said that... Read More
June 2016

Rashaun Lloyd

Officers shot and killed Lloyd after he reportedly pointed a gun at them. Police were in the area responding to a report of shots fired,... Read More
June 2016

Edson Thevenin

Police shot and killed Thevenin when he drove his car toward an officer, trapping the officer between his car and the officer’s, according to authorities.... Read More
April 2016

George Tillman

Police shot and killed Tillman when he allegedly reached for a gun in his waistband. Authorities said Tillman ran from officers who approached him while... Read More
April 2016

Sahlah Ridgeway

An officer shot Ridgeway when she refused to drop a shotgun she was carrying, police said. Officers said they were investigating a complaint of drug-dealing... Read More
February 2016

Richard Davis

Davis collapsed after being shocked with a Taser. Police said he charged towards officers from his pickup truck with fists clenched after being told to... Read More
May 2015

David Felix

Felix, who had paranoid schizophrenia, is said to have fought with detectives who arrived at a home for people with mental illnesses to arrest him... Read More
April 2015