Kelley Forte

Forte was reportedly trying to rob a pharmacy and held a knife to an employee’s throat before police responded and killed him, authorities said.
August 2016

Jawari Porter

Porter allegedly robbed a grocery store and threatened a security guard with a knife as he left. Police found Porter later and an officer fatally... Read More
August 2016

Kawme Patrick

Police said they received a report of a man with a gun. Two officers shot Patrick, who was armed, after a ‘confrontation’, according to authorities.
June 2016

Henry Green

Authorities said two plainclothes officers were on patrol when they saw the man, who was holding a gun, and another person. The man allegedly began... Read More
June 2016

Terry Frost

An off-duty officer working at a bank shot Frost during an attempted robbery when Frost pointed his hand, which was covered with a plastic grocery... Read More
May 2016

Kisha Arrone

Arrone was armed and had allegedly threatened to kill her wife. Police stopped her while she was driving and shot her when she got out... Read More
April 2016

Paul Gaston

Gaston crashed his car into a telephone pole and was allegedly waving a gun, which authorities later determined was an airsoft pistol. Officers said they... Read More
February 2016

Mohamed Barry

Barry attacked diners in a restaurant with a machete, injuring four people, police said. Officers said they later stopped Barry and fatally shot him when... Read More
February 2016

Marese Collins

Collins allegedly threatened several people. Police shot him after a brief chase when he refused to drop the gun he was holding, according to authorities.
February 2016

Brandon Jones

Police said Jones broke into a grocery store and tried to escape with cigarettes and Canadian coins. Two police officers confronted him on the sidewalk... Read More
March 2015