Sylville Smith

Smith, who was allegedly armed with a gun, fled a traffic stop and was shot by an officer after ignoring the officer’s commands to drop... Read More
August 2016

Jay Anderson

An officer investigating a suspicious vehicle in a park shot Anderson, who was sitting inside, when he saw him with a gun. Authorities did not... Read More
June 2016

Burt Johnson

Johnson is believed to have robbed an auto parts store at gunpoint. Police killed him in an exchange of gunfire during a foot chase near... Read More
May 2016

Christopher Davis

Authorities said Davis was killed when a sheriff’s deputy opened fire on a car in a restaurant parking lot. The deputy approached the vehicle as... Read More
February 2016

Tony Robinson

Robinson allegedly attacked an officer who responded to calls for help from friends and nearby residents over his erratic and aggressive behavior. The officer shot... Read More
March 2015

Tyrone Lawrence

Ryerson, who was subject to a restraining order, allegedly threatened his estranged wife with a knife at her home. Police said he refused orders to... Read More
March 2015