Matthew Ajibade

Ajibade was arrested for alleged battery and taken to the county jail. According to police, Ajibade assaulted three officers and was placed in a restraint... Read More
August 2015

Richard Davis

Davis collapsed after being shocked with a Taser. Police said he charged towards officers from his pickup truck with fists clenched after being told to... Read More
May 2015

Marcus Wheeler

Wheeler was killed after fatally shooting a police officer who was one day away from maternity leave when she and colleagues tried to arrest him... Read More
May 2015

Ronell Wade

Wade, a suspect in a series of dollar store robberies, is alleged to have opened fire on a police officer when confronted in a church... Read More
May 2015

Alexia Christian

Christian had been arrested for stealing a vehicle and was in the back of the police cruiser when she allegedly escaped her handcuffs, pulled a... Read More
April 2015

Jared Johnson

Johnson was one of three suspected armed robbers engaged by police at a Dollar General store after an alarm was triggered. Police said they were... Read More
April 2015

Terrance Kellom

Officers from a fugitive taskforce arrived at Kellom’s house to arrest him for an armed robbery. An ICE agent felt threatened and shot him, police... Read More
April 2015

David Felix

Felix, who had paranoid schizophrenia, is said to have fought with detectives who arrived at a home for people with mental illnesses to arrest him... Read More
April 2015

Todd Dye

Dye, an escapee from a corrections facility, was found by a police officer in a vacant trailer. Officials said he initially complied but was shot... Read More
April 2015
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