Korryn Gaines

Police shot and killed Gaines during an hours-long standoff during which she held her five-year-old son in her arms. The child was injured in an... Read More
August 2016

Devon Martes

Devon was killed by a deputy in a newspaper warehouse after he pointed his gun at the deputy, according to police. Authorities said they were... Read More
July 2016

Jeffrey Tyson

Police said Tyson shot at police during a lengthy car chase, injuring at least one officer. The chase began after officers stopped Tyson’s car because... Read More
July 2016

Eric Senegal

Officers killed Senegal, who was reportedly armed, while executing a search warrant at a home, police said. A dog was also shot dead by officers.
July 2016

Gavin Long

Long shot and killed three police officers and injured three more in what authorities have described as an ambush. The incident began with a report... Read More
July 2016

Dayten Harper

The man reportedly opened fire on a group of plainclothes officers who responded to reports of gunfire in the neighborhood. Two officers shot back and... Read More
July 2016

Jason Brooks

Brooks was reportedly naked and acting erratically while armed with multiple guns. He was firing into a street before he pointed his gun at responding... Read More
July 2016

Joseph Mann

Mann was reportedly armed with a knife and acting erratically. Police shot him when he turned toward officers and raised the knife, authorities said.
July 2016

Tyler Gebhard

An off-duty officer shot and killed Gebhard after Gebhard broke into the officer’s home by throwing a large planter through the window, authorities said. Gebhard... Read More
July 2016