counter arguments

But “All Lives Matter”…

Yes all lives matter however, “Black Lives Matter” is not negating the value of other lives. BLM is simply focusing on the disproportionate amount of Black lives lost during Police interactions and the lack of consequences for Police Officers who have lied, used excessive force, covered up for their colleagues and/or demonstrated behavior less than ethical for a Police Officer.  Focusing on a certain ethnicity doesn’t exclude other ethnicities.

Saying “All Lives Matter” is like someone who attends a Breast Cancer campaign and yells “All Cancers Matter”. Just as campaigning for Breast Cancer doesn’t detract from “All Cancers”, Black Lives Matter doesn’t detract from other lives.

Again, this doesn’t devalue other ethnicities, or “continue the hate”.

Black Lives Matter is an acute movement focusing on a specific problem within a specific ethnic group (Black people) – period.

But Black Lives Matter “continues to divide” and “continues the hate”…

No dice.  Bringing attention to the disproportionate challenges that Black people are facing will close the divide and abate the hate. Do you think not saying anything and/or making this more inclusive will solve an acute inequity? 

“America hates that we say ‘Black Lives Matter’. Quite frankly, we hate that we have to say it at all.”

But Blue Lives Matter…

Without a doubt. However, we are focusing on the inequitable RATE that Police kill Black people during encounters. Black Lives Matter is focusing on an ethnic group (Black people), not an institutional group (Law Enforcement Officers).  

In simple words, you cannot lump together an occupation with a marginalized group of people by gender or ethnicity.

And just to be clear,  supporting Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean that one inherently condones violence. If a black person breaks the law, due process should be granted to them just like it would a white person. We are not defending those who are an immediate threat to the lives of others, including law enforcement.  But police officers using excessive force and ultimately taking the lives of unarmed black citizens is disproportionate and needs to stop and be punished under the law.

But Black Lives Matter events are violent

As with any social movement, there is a potential for emotions to be expressed in a destructive manner.  The Black Lives Matter movement has never advocated, condoned (nor is it responsible for) violence.

Violence at a BLM event doesn’t negate the purpose of the entire movement, the same way that violence at a trump rally doesn’t mean that Trump condones those acts.

But more White people are killed by Police than Black people...

Indeed, but we are focusing on the RATE that Black people are killed.  

So let’s use our 5th grade math skills and look at these facts: White people make up 72.4% of US population and Black people make up 12.6% but yet Black people are killed 2.5x more than White people by Police.

7.27 Black people killed by Police per million

2.93 White people killed by Police per million


But Black people commit more crime which is why they are killed more often by Police…

Actually no. 2010 crime statistics from the FBI confirm that White people lead Black people by 2-1 in arrests, and lead all other ethnicities by 2-1 in incidents of other crimes.  

Also keep in mind ladies and gentlemen, a Police interaction does NOT mean a crime was committed!

But Black Lives Matter marches and protest disrupt traffic…

Yes, but no differently than the Civil Rights Movement (1954-1968) or the Vietnam War Peace Moratorium in 1969 or the Woman suffrage parade of 1913.  

The point is to focus on WHY the people are protesting instead of the inconvenience of the protest to you.

Let’s not devalue the acknowledgement of a major issue just because the actions of inequity are now an inconvenience to you.

But what about Black on Black crime?…

First, and foremost, and statistically, people commit crimes in their own communities.  This means that if a community is majority black, it’s inherent that a black person will be a victim of a black perpetrator, in the same way that white people are most often victims of white crime.  To that point, black on black crime is a falsehood, and we don’t go around calling it white on white crime, or Asian on Asian crime.  This is understood by every other community, except for when it comes to the black black community.  It is propaganda to further justify the unfair treatment of black citizens in this nation.  Crime in all communities needs to be eradicated, regardless of race.  But that starts with understanding and addressing the needs of each community.

Black Lives Matter is about Black people being disproportionately killed by Police during Police encounters.