malpractice insurance

Malpractice Insurance

Police Officers are highly trained, continually trained and are of the highest caliber of professionals leveraged to protect our society.

Police Officers are selfless, giving and upstanding professionals.  But sometimes Police Officers conduct themselves in illicit ways, abuse their power and divert accountability in their favor.  When this happens, the effects are exponentially magnified and public trust is dramatically marginalized.

We suggest that States, Counties and Cities require Police Officers to carry Malpractice insurance, just like Doctors and Lawyers.

In the review of illicit Police behavior during an encounter, an independent board (non-Police union) would review the case from the perspective of risk mitigation, claims, negligence and damages.  This perspective is very different from the current standardized way Police Officers are reviewed and invokes a layer of accountability – a financial one.

Financial accountability will certainly impact professional behavior as observed in other high stress professions. 

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